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Issue #1

WillowTALK, lets your computer talk to you. (Useful)

Issue #2

CALLME - Get your email from anywhere (Useful)

THE ANSWERING MACHINE - Download phone messages for you r answering machine (Fun)

Make a Cool Card - Design a cool color business card online - (Fun)

Issue #3

GangaJi - Satsang is in session - (Spiritual)

Choosing the next peoples' princess from Suck Magazine - (Irreverence)

Perfect Keyboard - My #1 favorite software program - (Useful)

Anonymous Cookie - Hide your cookies! - (Useful)

Issue #4

Yahoo - The coolest of the cool - (Spiritual)

ZD University - Online college - (Useful)

North American Area code Lookup - (Useful)

The Intel Pop-Up Download Calculator - How long will it take this file to download? (Useful)

PassKeeper -  Keep a list of accounts with usernames, passwords, and notes- (Useful)

Classmates - Find your old high school pal - (Useful)

CNET - One of the best sites on the net - (Useful)

15 minutes of fame - Shameless personal promotion (Microsoft article about me)

Issue #5

The meaning of life, Microsoft style -  Funny thesaurus definitions from Word 97 (Fun)

The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices -   Weird Science (Fun)

The Atomic Clock -  Do you really want to know what time it is? (Useful)

The Kelley Blue Book - How much is your car worth? (Useful)

Sexquotes - Where Wall Street and Playboy meet - (Unusual)

The IBM Patent Server -  Has that been invented yet?? (Useful)

Context Magazine - Excellent online magazine - (Useful)

After Alien Contact: When aliens arrive, what happens to us? -(Very unusual)

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Issue #6

Tracking The Eye - Storm and hurricane tracking application - (Useful)

CoolMail - Retrieve your email via the telephone- - (Useful)

MOUSE JAM - An interactive music jam, no talent is required - (Fun)

MouseTool - a software solution for tired and sore wrists -  (Healing)

Wind Chimes - Configure instruments that can have wind-chime like activity-  (Healing)

20 Questions - A learning system, the more it is played, the better it gets. - (Fun)

Botspot - One of the coolest sites on the Internet - (Very Useful)

Issue #7

The Drudge Report - an online newsletter of juicy political and entertainment news - (Useful)

Marilyn is Wrong! - Spoof site makes fun of  "Ask Marilyn", - (Entertainment)

Buying a cool car - Buy the car of your dreams - (Fun)

Pagoo - Missing important calls while online and resist putting in an extra line? (Useful)

COOL EMAIL ADDRESS - ... get them while you can. (Useful)

Click TV Listings - Personalize your TV listings to include all of your favorite stations. (Useful)

Issue #8

FileZ- Filez gives users quick and easy access to the wealth of files out on the Internet (Useful)

IN CUBE Voice Command 2 - Take  full voice control of Windows 95 and NT (Useful)

YMARK2000 - Is your computer is PC's Year 2000 compliant? (Useful)

E-The People - Do you want to make a difference? (Cool & Political)

Cliche Finder - COOL (as a cucumber) SITE (Fun & Useful)

Archive of Misheard Lyrics - The nets largest database of misheard lyrics to pop songs.(Fun)

How Stuff Works - Great place to come to learn about how things work. (Educational)

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Issue #9

Ask Jeeves- Internet butler - He's friendly, fast, smart, and at your service 24 hours a day.(Useful)

Silicon Valley Tarot Reading - Get a 3 card tarot reading  from the oracle (Fun)

How others see you. - Find out how you are perceived in the Universe (Educational)

Avoid Speed Traps - Staying one step ahead of the law (Useful)

Virtual Waterfall - Only in cyberspace can you see a waterfall in the heavens.(Cool graphic)

YogaFinder - Find a Yoga class in your neighborhood (Useful)

AltaMax Online Shopper - Find the best prices for goods sold online ( Shopping software)

Issue #10

IBM Patent Server - Has anyone thought of this idea yet? (Useful)

Wacky Patent of the Month - Bet you hadn't thought of this one! (Fun)

WindowSwitcher - It makes switching between Office 97 documents hassle-free. (Useful)

Jail Babes - For men only? Meet the woman of your dreams, currently incarcerated.(Fun)

Ask the Makeup Diva - For women only?   Blush, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, etc (Educational)

How far is it? - The site calculates the distance between any two places. (Useful)

AirNow - EPA site offers real-time air pollution data. (Useful)

PocketMail - Low-cost, highly reliable and convenient mobile e-mail service (Useful)

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